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    Putin, Xi, and the Pirate King

    In the news this week, Alexei Navalny, the dissident Russian politician who was serving 30 years in an Arctic Gulag, died. Navalny was a longtime rival of Tsar Vlad, had campaigned against corruption - Putin’s corruption - and after returning to Russia in 2021, had been found guilty of “extremism” and “fraud” - what were clearly nonsense charges, and sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

    LTC Tony Shaffer and Judge Andrew Napolitano: Is The US the Big Loser in Ukraine?

    Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer joins Judge Andrew Napolitano on "Judging Freedom" as they delve into how the U.S. may very well be the hugest loser in the Russia-Ukraine War as President Zelenskyy's forces may soon be headed for defeat.

    Dysfunctional Justice System Inflicts Cruel, Unusual Sentences

    Original Publication Can Be Found Here: Https://Www.Newsmax.Com/Bernardkerik/Offender-Prison-Sentenced-Nonviolent/2020/10/01/Id/989849/ At 26 years-old, Ross Ulbricht made history, when he did something that many called genius — he wrote...

    LCPR President Tony Shaffer and Washington Officials Warned of Election Integrity Issues Years Before the 2020 Vote

    Worries over election integrity in the United States are not new to the 2020 election. London Center for Policy Research President Lt. Col. (Ret.)...

    Last Man Standing Documentary: The United States vs. Dr. Atif Malik and Why this Case is Important to You

    Last Man Standing: Justice for Dr. Atif Malik by Bennett McPhatter The Project Sentinel Accountability Project seeks to right the wrongs of judicial malfeasance. Such a case...

    False Confessions

    Before Ferguson, Missouri, Was a “thing”, Ryan Ferguson Suffered Injustice There. by Jay D. Hombick, Senior Fellow, London Center for Public Policy NOTE: LCPR Senior Fellow Jay D....

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