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    Marshall, Eisenhower and Ukraine

    On January 25th, 1942, USS Sargo (SS-186 (under the command of LtCmdr Tyrell Jacobs)) pulled into Surabaya, Indonesia after finishing a short war patrol, offloaded her remaining torpedoes, loaded 1 million rounds of small-arms ammunition, and headed to Mindanao, the Philippines to provide some ammunition to the US and the Philippine Armies. She then picked up 24 maintenance specialists from the B-17 wing and evacuated them from the Philippines. Jacobs, after three patrols in which he fired a great many torpedoes but sank no ships, turned over command, and ended the war working on, and significantly improving, US torpedoes.

    Strategic Costs

    One of the questions that keeps popping up in editorials, at least in the last month or two, is whether or not the folks in the White House want Ukraine to win the war with Russia. There are, of course, two obvious answers to that question - yes and no. But I have an unpleasant sense that the correct answer is “maybe.”

    LTC Tony Shaffer and Judge Andrew Napolitano: Is The US the Big Loser in Ukraine?

    Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer joins Judge Andrew Napolitano on "Judging Freedom" as they delve into how the U.S. may very well be the hugest loser in the Russia-Ukraine War as President Zelenskyy's forces may soon be headed for defeat.

    LTC Tony Shaffer: Has NATO lost faith in Joe Biden? – on O’Connor and Company, WMAL Radio

    Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer joins Larry O'Connor on WMAL to delve into the Biden Administration's failed foreign policy, why the Dems are on the side of terrorists and whether the world's leaders and NATO have lost most of the respect they had for the current President.

    Admiral Claus and his Sleigh

    by Navy Capt. (Ret) Peter O'Brien We all know that NORAD (The North American Air Defense Command) traces Santa every year. But, here at the...

    Warning of War

    by Pete O'Brien One of the strange things about evil people is that they often tell you what they intend to do well before they...

    Just War

    by Peter O'Brien In an early version of his 2nd Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln wrote of the Civil War that that: “…each party claims to...

    Bulldogs, Soccer, and Foreign Policy

    One of the marvelous scenes in the movie Man For All Seasons has Thomas More talking to his friend the Duke of Norfolk, about More’s refusal to endorse the King’s divorce of Catherine, or his marriage to Anne Boleyn. In the dialogue that follows More comments on the English nobility’s apathy to their religion, but its fascination with the material world: 

    How Values Shape the Future By Herbert London

    When considering the future, I am a tireless defender of “guarded optimism. I firmly believe that the world of the next century will offer...

    Shariah and The Constitution By Herbert London

    With very little fanfare, the first Muslim woman was sworn in as a judge of the 7th Municipal Civil Court District of East New...

    Constitutional Disobedience? By Herbert London

    It is customary for members of the Academy to display anti-American sentiment in the form of multi-culturalism. Rarely, however, does the critique involve the...

    The First Amendment’s Religious Clause By Herbert London

    Thomas Jefferson in behalf of the Founding Fathers of the United States noted in the First Amendment – and therefore a thought that was...