Thursday, 18 April 2024


    Socialism and Motherhood by Peter O’Brien

    There’s been a lot of talk about Socialism and Socialists of late, with several being elected to Congress. All this even as Venezuela -...

    Tyranny or Liberty? by Peter O’Brien

    A really smart friend of mine once noted, while speaking of the DOD: “You need to remember that we don’t do why!” Joe’s point was...

    Great Power Struggle by Peter O’Brien

    People don’t change, as a friend reminded me just the other day. 800 years ago the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Moscow wanted...

    Good Government by Peter O’Brien

    There’s an old adage that if something is “stupid but works, it’s not stupid.” There is, of course, a corollary, that if something is...

    Losing Second Amendment rights: Disarm and prepare to die

    OPINION: There is a growing body of evidence that law-abiding citizens reduce violent crime. As data continues to be gathered by the FBI, CDC and...

    Lt. Col. Shaffer & Ted Nugent: In America, “Divine Right” belongs to We the People

    One of the core principles underlying America’s representative system of government is the idea that ordinary citizens can be trusted to exercise our inalienable,...

    Project Sentinel President Tony Shaffer Serves as Grand Marshall of First Annual National Veterans Day Parade

    Project Sentinel President LTC (Ret) Anthony Shaffer served as the Grand Marshall for the (long overdue) First Annual National Veterans Parade in Washington, DC on Sunday, November 12th, 2023.

    LTC Tony Shaffer: Has NATO lost faith in Joe Biden? – on O’Connor and Company, WMAL Radio

    Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer joins Larry O'Connor on WMAL to delve into the Biden Administration's failed foreign policy, why the Dems are on the side of terrorists and whether the world's leaders and NATO have lost most of the respect they had for the current President.

    LTC Tony Shaffer and Judge Andrew Napolitano: Is The US the Big Loser in Ukraine?

    Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer joins Judge Andrew Napolitano on "Judging Freedom" as they delve into how the U.S. may very well be the hugest loser in the Russia-Ukraine War as President Zelenskyy's forces may soon be headed for defeat.