Friday, 24 May 2024

    About the Accountability Project

    A reason Project Sentinel was founded to promote the vision of the late Herb London for a just society, firmly rooted in the vision of America’s Founders. In this view the Fourth and Fifth Amendments are as critical as the First and Second. The need for law and order does not supersede the liberty of each citizen.

    Too often we have witnessed arms of government – funded by taxpayers – corrupted to be used against citizens for political and other purposes. These include executive powers, congressional powers, military and intelligence capabilities.

    While abuse of power is always dangerous, it is far more insidious when the culture within a system turns abusive. This is the everyday reality of our judicial system. Judges twist the rules to disallow exculpatory evidence the defendant knows about, while prosecutors hide exculpatory evidence the defendant does not know about. Federal prosecutors have budgets that private citizens cannot match. Prosecutors enjoy immunity from consequences of flouting the rules. They have proven time and again that they will act without regard for actual truth or innocence. Their goal is to win at all costs.

    The rules of criminal procedure, evidence and accountability must be rebalanced in line with our Constitutional vision: no illegal search and seizure, no self-incrimination, a speedy trial, a jury of one’s peers, the presumption of innocence.

    As a nation, we cannot sit idly by and hope that the system will correct its own course. Instead, we must examine the policies, procedures, laws, and other instruments that enable the wrongdoing and seek to make changes to discourage further abuse.

    As wrongdoing goes unchallenged, it emboldens those who would seek to dispossess our citizenry of the Constitutional Republic handed down to us by our Founders and relentlessly preserved by the Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines who fought and died in its defense.


    For these reasons, we have created the London Center Accountability Project and we need your help: Please click here to donate.


    The London Center will do our part by performing the hard work of research, advocacy, and identification of necessary changes to policy, procedure, and law to prevent abuse and misuse by those in power. The system must return to its mission of “blind” justice. Those who betray the American people through violation of their oaths of office must be held accountable.

    The London Center will engage directly to work with government authorities to change the policies, procedures, and laws being used to entrap and otherwise harm the lives and liberty of our citizens. Additionally, we will use our communication and publication resources to counter false narratives circulated by corrupt voices in government and media.

    We are pleased to announce Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik is joining the London Center and will be instrumental in our accountability project.  We will work to immediately focus on several key areas of wrongdoing in the Pentagon and the Department of Justice. We welcome Mr. Kerik’s leadership role in our efforts.

    The ongoing ethical and legal transgressions within the US government are a danger to every American.  Many innocent Americans have already suffered at the hands of Pentagon, DoJ and FBI authorities using the color of law to achieve political or personal objectives.