Friday, 24 May 2024

    Under Fire: The Right to Self-Defense – A Project Sentinel Presentation (A Thought to Action video presentation)

    On this edition of Thought to Action from Project Sentinel and the Dr. Herb London Center for Policy Research, our panel examines the trend in recent years seeing the US government and mainstream media persecuting those who defend themselves or others in public. Is society turning on Good Samaritans?

    Will the Left continue to twist any confrontation (with or without firearms) into a referendum on the 2nd Amendment? Do we no longer have the Constitutional right to defend ourselves?

    Our Panel: Panelists: LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer – President

    Project Sentinel and LCPR LTC (Ret, British Army) Tim Wilson – Leader, 2nd Amendment Project

    Sr. Fellow, Project Sentinel and LCPR Navy Capt. (Ret) Pete O’Brien – Chairman

    Project Sentinel; Distinguished Fellow, LCPR

    Moderator: Chris Cordani – Media Director, Project Sentinel, LCPR